Bio of an Recycle Artist

Pat and the deer swing

Biography of Pat and OhWaste

Pat, Tri Patworo by birth, was born in Yogjakarta, Java, Indonesia. First contact to recycle art, and training for it, came while living in Germany in 2006. On that time he practiced with materials such as used oil-drums, laundry detergents, advertising banners, tires, lighters, toothbrushes etc. There he also had his first gallery/shop for his creations.

In 2007 he moved to Australia, based in Melbourne. From there he started to get new visions and different styles for his recycle art. He lived in Australia for 5 years, opened a shop in Melbourne and went through many famous festivals around the whole country.

In 2011 he returned to Indonesia with a dream to do something in his own homeland, and he did. In 2012 he landed in Bali and opened his first shop in Indonesia, located in Jembawan street in the middle of Ubud. There his artistic creations are mostly made by using inner-tubes of trucks and buses, turning them into beautiful accessories of all kinds.

In that same year (2012) he also showed his talent in Bali Spirit Festival for the first time and got contracts from America, Spain, Germany, France, Japan, Hawaii, South-Africa and more. Long story short – Pats heart is in educating people to recycle. Specially in his own home country because of the serious issues with garbage management.

After that he has been involved with many festivals around Bali, for example Bali Spirit Festival 2013, Green School annual Bamboopalooza Fundraiser, Earth day festival and much more.

From his little shop in Ubud everyone can request for a free workshop if they have the spirit for thinking about the earth. His principal is „There´s many ways to give reincarnations for rubbish“. He´s a rising star with innovative perspectives.


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